Sunday, May 17, 2009

where has the time gone

Lets just say this has been a crazy/hectic past month!!
Most of you know I'm in sales - I have been for the last 5 years.
Well, due to the economy and the fact that everyone is watching what they spend - sales is a challenging job to have.
You anticipate being in sales that some months will be better than others and we have found that out to be true. What once was so easy has become increasingly difficult - you work more hours to produce less results. Here's an example - for the first 10 months of working with Safety-Kleen i averaged roughly 135% of quota each month....Things were rocking and rollin' along and life was good. The last 2 periods have been a much different story however - last period I ended at 70% of quota - yikes......I was hacked off and thought it couldn't get any worse....until this period....i was a whoppin 42% of quota.....ouch - that hurts the ego/pay check/confidence.
It was one of those periods where if it was going to go wrong - this is the period it would go wrong in. Everyone at work was frustrated.
Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and a new period....a fresh new start.
Our company, like all others, is finding ways to cut expenses - so everyone got a 5% pay decrease and 5 mandatory unpaid days off. This is all temporary (hopefully), until the economy turns back around.
Well, tomorrow is my 2nd of 5 days off and I couldn't be more excited. I was originally hacked off but now see that it's good for me. I work WAY too many hours and never take time off.
So this is a way for me to force myself to take time off, to recharge my battery so I don't get any more burned out.
Here's the plan tomorrow........Absolutely some tv, take a nap, maybe play some PS3 but that's about it. AWESOMENESS!!!!
Enough of work.

Last weekend we went to Fredericksburg with my mother, father, brother, grandma, and grandpa in law. We had a blast. We shopped a little bit, ate a lot (shocker), and really just enjoyed being away and hanging out with family. Jon and I decided we had enough of the shopping so we headed to Luckenbach for a little bit to see what was going on. they had a bday party for Tony - who knows who Tony is but we were there to celebrate with him......Man - there are some interesting people in that town......we enjoyed hanging out and making fun of people.
(Julie has Fredericksburg pics on her blog)
We had our 3d/4d sonogram yesterday. That was such a neat experience. It's amazing to be able to see your baby inside the womb. I was in awe and it really put life into perspective. Everything that happened last period is now over. All of life's frustrations come and go. There are so many more important things in life. I was in awe, speechless while watching our baby move around. It was an unbelievable exerience. She wasn't cooperating very well though - I think she gets that from Julie - haha. She had her hands by her face most of the time and her foot joined the party as well. There was one picture we did get of her and she was beautiful.
She sucked on her thumb a lot and aparently chewed on her hand a lot - she might not have hands by the time she gets here - haha.

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