Sunday, May 24, 2009

last week was a whirlwind

As many of you know Julie was in the hospital Monday and Tuesday with an out of control heart beat. So, here's how it went down through the eyes of Jason Webb.

Monday was my unpaid day off....the one I last wrote about as being excited to take a break and unwind. I woke up at 9:30, started getting ready to go fishing. That's all I've wanted to do for a while and I actually had time to go.....or so I thought.
I just got done brushing my teeth when my phone's Julie.....telling me her OB said we needed to go to the ER due to her heart beat.....crap - so I hauled rear to pick her up headed up to the hospital.
It didn't take long for the ER to get us a room (actually, when she was checking in the nurse told someone on the phone she really needed a room - she said I know that lady passed away...can you clean that room so we can have it?) So, we might have gotten the room they just hauled a dead person out of.
They ran an EKG on her heart as well as a sonogram on Reagan to which both came back fine. Her heart was still beating pretty fast but had calmed down some so we were thinking we'd be leaving any time now.....not so much, the ER doctor said our OB wanted Julie to stay overnight so they can observe her and the baby so we headed up stairs (6 hours after we got to the hospital)

Here's the simple version of what happened next:
1) Jason went home to let dogs out and get stuff for Julie (finally got to eat since I hadn't eaten all day)
2) back at the hospital - watched a bunch of gay reality shows julie likes
3) tried to go to bed - slept for a few hours until 3:00 am when Julie turned on the TV....I was FREEZING (it was like 30 degrees in our room no joke) and hungry......headed to whataburger for some some early breakfast
4) back at the room, julie still awake and nurse came to hookher up to the baby monitor
5) 5 am i was tired and went back to sleep until 7;30
6) got some coffee and was hopeful we'd be leaving soon
7) nurse said OB wanted to do a sonogram of Julie's legs to make sure there was no clotting....awesome.....doubtful we'd be leaving soon
8) went home to let the dogs out since they had been in their kennel for dang near 12 hours
9) crazy nurse dude took us down to get sonogram
10) sonogram was cool looking and everything came back fine
11) finally released from the hospital with no clue what was wrong with Julie

Luckily Baby Reagan wasn't bothered by any of this - she was still moving around and had a stable, strong heart beat...she didn't like the baby monitor though - every 30 seconds it seemed like she'd kick it and you'd hear this whomp sound.

Thankfully Jon, Julie's brother, came up to help out since I had to get back to work.
The rest of the week was hectic as usual - getting caught up and trying to get this period started off on the right foot. Thanks Jon - we really appreciate you helping us out!!

So, my fun day of fishing turned into a long, boring day at the hospital....I'm too ADD to be sitting in one place for long periods of time.


Maggie said...


I'm glad that everything is okay. Next time you need to go to the hospital, it'd better be because the baby is about to greet us!

Also, don't forget to take a good blanket, pillow, and some snacks.

Keep me updated!

mary beth said...

your blogs crack me up! i like how you are so literal and honest! hope everything is ok with julie and the baby :)