Sunday, April 19, 2009


This weekend has been nice. Julie and I were shopping and registering Saturday!!
I actually woke up early because i went to bed early....which is not like me. Work was hectic last week and for the first time since I've been with Safety-Kleen my numbers were awful - actually they were worse than awful. So, Friday I fell asleep around 7:30pm - that's right! I feel like an old man. So, I woke up around 6:30 and started cleaning some stuff around the house. Once Julie woke up and got ready we hit the road....We went to.....
1) Mall (JC Penny, Dillards, Maternity store, Rick's Sporting Goods) - every time I walk into a mall I immediately get tired - I don't know why - it's weird
2) Target - returned a few things but didn't even shop at all - now that's a great day at Target for me
3) Kid's Village - one of the coolest kids stores - they have everything. We registered for a lot of cool's my list of what impressed me
a) Turtle Star light thingy - You turn this sucker on and it lights up the walls with stars - 3 different colors - it's cool, I wanted one for my room

b) Shaggy rug - that thing was soft, I wanted it - We want a light tan

c) Amazing glider - fluffy and soft and just the right size for Julie and enough room for Jason. I could have taken a nap - this will be chocolate brown

d) Play yard - this thing had it all.....little light to make sure baby is alive, vibrations and music to calm baby down and....the best part......a remote control to control all these features from the - thats high tech
It doesn't take a lot to impress me i know, but these things were cool. I have a feeling little baby Reagan will be a bit on the spoiled side!!
The rest of the day was prett relaxed. We came home, took a nap, went to Lowes and Rosa's and were in for the night. Spurs sucked it up last night which is not good when they're playing the mavs.....As most know I'm a HUGE Spurs fan and my In-laws and wife are HUGE Mavs fans. So, this time of year, when they're playing each other in the playoffs it's a little bit more stressful.....Julie watches....kinda....and cheers like she knows what's going on......and I just huff and puff and yell at the TV - hearing in the background - Jason....Calm down, coming from my Wife. Loads of fun!!
Here are some pics from last week as well as a some of the items I want......not for baby Reagan, more for myself:)
Ranch Photos

Father-In-Law sleeping in chair with his AR-15 across his lap.
He must be one of those Right Wing Extremist Clinging to His Guns and Religion.
Julie and I - yes I'm half asleep. I was using an alarm clock that was an hour behind so i literally had 5 minutes to get ready for Church.

Me, Her, Jon (Brother in Law)

Boomer and Champ Reunited after a full day of being apart - they were so excited to see each other
Same as above

Baby Bed
Julie did a great job picking the bedding out - it looks "cute" I guess :)

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