Monday, April 13, 2009

shot guns, ar 15s, 9mm, 22s, and 40 cal

What a weekend at the ranch.

Let me start the weekend off like this, Boomer was sick. He ate a chicken bone Wednesday night and just wasn't right. So Julie took him to the vet Thursday after she got off work around noon and then high tailed it to the ranch for Easter weekend.
Boomer had some stomach virus (luckily it had nothing to do with the chicken bone) that had been going around. he probably got it when he was at the vet the previous weekend being boarded - if something's going around - Boomer will get it.
So, that's how the long weekend started. I picked him up from the vet, carted him home, and went back to work.....worked for a while.....came home....had dinner with some co-workers....came home to a sick puppy. Boomer has this thing with closets - and after getting ready for bed I found him in mine - just sleeping....So what do I do? What any other good dog parent would do.....lay on the floor.....half of my body on tile the other half on carpet......I pet him until he went back to sleep.....well I think....actually I pet him until I went to sleep.....on the the bathroom/closet - comfortable? not so much!! but, i've come to grips with the fact that if I'm horizontal there's a good chance I'm falling asleep. I slept there for 4 hours before waking up freezing cold - went to bed to find Boomer warming up my spot - yeah, he was in bed and I was on floor - good times had by all.
I was off Friday which was a welcome vacation day! My parents came up Thursday night and I got to eat Breakfast Friday with them and my brother and Hayley (Julie was already at the ranch.) I love Cracker Barrel - we had fun as usual...ate too much as usual and then they came over to see Reagan's room......which is cute.
Once they left I did a few things around the house, worked for a few minutes and loaded up sick Boomer and headed to the Ranch for Easter. The title of this blog says it all.

Here's how the ranch weekend looked:

  1. Snacked around and hung out
  2. Went turkey hunting with Jon.....heard nothing....saw nothing except 2 raccoons
  3. Ate dinner
  4. watched a movie (Eagle Eye - interesting movie)
  5. Went to bed


  1. woke up at 6:30 to go turkey hunting.....heard a few gobbles....saw nothing
  2. ate breakfast
  3. fell asleep on the couch
  4. ate lunch
  5. shot guns (referenced lower)
  6. went back out turkey hunting.....saw nothing....heard nothing.....and it rained on me
  7. ate dinner and watched a movie
  8. shot tracer rounds out of the 223 (which are totally awesome)
  9. with the help of Mike put together my lower receiver - I can't wait to get my ar-15 finished


  1. Went to church (no turkey hunting today - too tired and it was nasty out)
  2. Ate lunch
  3. Packed and headed home

We shot over 400 rounds (between my father-in-law Mike and Jon) of 223, probably 120 rounds of 22, a few boxes of 12 gauge rounds, and some hand gun rounds (my 9mm and 40 cal)
What a great time!!!!!

Now we're back to the house - we had a great weekend and I really enjoyed seeing my families!!!
We added an addition to the Webb decor this weekend as well.......Here he is in all his glory.......

This is the dude I shot in December of 07 and he was finally ready! I was going to put him in Reagan's room to go with the safari theme we have in there but Julie said no.......whoda thunk:)

I hope everyone had a blessed and safe Easter weekend. It's this time of year we remember Christ's victory over Death. I hope and pray that I remember this each and every day and not just one day a year! We serve and awesome God.

PS - Mags - I know there a just a few knotches in this blog....2 words - I rock:)

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M said...

I was screaming "NOTCH!" in my head before I even got to the end!


You DO rock, Jas... and let me tell would have notched out if you had hung that thing in the baby's room!

Love your guts!