Friday, February 20, 2009

exhaustion sets in

This week was a tough week at work!!!! Most of them are, but this week really kicked my rear!
Most days I worked 11-13 hours, just trying to get stuff pulled in before the end of our "period."
Each period is 4 weeks long, and at the end of it, the revenue I've generated determines my commission check!!!
This period started out very....very slow and as of Friday last week I pretty much wrote it off as a bad period.....But, this week things finally came together. We pulled enough in this week for me to be 94% of quota (which hacks me off - it's only the 2nd time in 9 months I've been under my quota) which means I'll get a coms check - awesome.
but, needless to say I'm worn out!!!! Too many late nights at the office!!!
Yesterday we were doing a job in Winters (the HUGE city), and man was it killer. A lot of drums to be handled, paperwork to be filled out, etc. and I jacked my back up on a 500 lb drum.
My back has always been questionable but as of late, it's been hurting pretty bad.
Hurting bad enough that I'm even trying to get a dr appointment for next week.
Just what I need right now!!!!

This week has also been a sad week at van.....aka "Short Bus" (it's ugly awesome - bright neon yellow 96 GMC Astro with 175000+ miles on it) pretty much bit the dust. It was in the shop Tuesday all day - I was on my way to Sweetwater and it started acting up......bouncing, no power, etc. Well they kinda fixed it at the shop but with being that old and that many miles it's pretty much a temporary fix. And, today it started doing the same thing again, but worse. My General manager and I were heading back from an appointment - and it started bouncing again......I lost most of my power.....which is bad becasue we were coming up to the only hill in Abilene - dang near though we were going to start going backwards. So, we drove 30 all the way back to the branch.....parked it and made the phone call - how much will it cost to overhaul you ask? Oh, about 3500 bucks - that dang van isn't worth more than a grand!!!!
So, my short bus is going to be retired - next step is borrowing another short bus from the Midland branch that has more miles than the original short bus but it at least (for the time being) runs.

Hopefully.....hopefully - I'll be getting a 15 passenger - brand new - short bus soon! I'll update with the original short bus pictures and the new to me short bus pictures pretty soon.

On a more fun note - we have 175 days left until the baby is due - that's awesome news. Julie and I are getting more and more excited each day and cannot wait to find out what we're (she's) having. She updated her blog with a pic of what she looks like at 15 weeks - she's got a belly!!! She's so cute pregnant though!!!

I hope everyone has a blessed and restful weekend!!!!!!!!