Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year

I can't believe it's already 2008. Last year flew by and A LOT has changed.
Got married, Got a puppy, Julie got a new job, I got a new job, moved to Abilene, Julie got a new job, and now we're here!
We're looking forward to a great 2008....2007 is going to be hard to beat!!

We went to the ranch last weekend for Christmas with the Walkers. It was so much fun.
I shot a doe Saturday night - field dressed it - which I found out I am not very good at.
Jon shot a huge 6 point and a doe Sunday morning.

The entire family came back to Abilene on Sunday so Jon and Grandma Frosty could see our house. We went to Fuji's for dinner and had a grand old time.
Jon, myself, and yes - even Mike caught shrimp from our cooker dude...it was funny.

Monday Julie got sick and went to the doctor on Tuesday.
We had a date night last night - ate at Copper Creek and it was awesome.
Julie got a steak, and I got catfish, shrimp, crawfish, and lobster bisque.
We both had amazing desserts - mine was 7 layer chocolate cake. Needless to say we (well I) was miserable walking out of there.
When we got home, I ended up getting the same stuff Julie had so we were sick together - not so cute.

So, being the old married couple we are, we watched a movie....Julie went to bed around 11:30 and I went to be about 12:15....I barely made it to New Years - but at least I made it.

We're down to 2 reps in the Abilene and San Angelo market so that means Billy and I will be extremely busy over the next few months - which is a great thing. More money and business for us - yeah boy!!!!

Any who - everyone enjoy their day off. I'm going to be lazy and watch Football while Julie is shopping (not much has changed in the 9 months we've been married ;)


Caleb said...

Happy New Year!

WestTexasConservative said...

Somehow I found your blog through someone elses...whats going on, hows abilene...
Talk to you later.