Sunday, January 13, 2008


Good times had by all this weekend.
Jeff and I went to the gun show on Saturday - I hate going to those places because I find a lot of stuff I want to buy. Had a great time though. One of these days I want to get my handgun license but was thinking it might be hard to conceal a handgun since I have to tuck my shirts in and what not. I realize there are an ankle holster etc but they aren't as fun as my next idea....executive style pants with a built in holster. There is only one thing I have found (actually Jeff found it) which is spandex type boxers with a built in holster. They're awesome but I think it'd be cool to have some of my very own pants with a holster. Just an idea - make it happen - haha
Saturday night we went to Beehive with some work buddies for Garrett's bday. We had a blast and the food was great. Julie got lamb which neither one of us has ever was amazing. Then we went back to the Rasor's house for cake and Wii.

Sunday I had another lazy day of eating and watching football...Was extremely disappointed in the Cowboys but I'm trying to get over it so that's all i'm going to say.

Tomorrow it's back to work...We've been really....really busy because we had another rep quit so it's just me and Billy manning a huge chunk of Texas. Great for us and our pocket books but busy none the less.

I hope everyone is having a great new year - We sure are.

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