Monday, January 21, 2008

whomp there it is

This weekend we celebrated Mike's bday (father in law) in Arlington. It was fun....Julie and I had a great time hanging out with the fam. Saturday Mike opened presents which is always a blast. He wanted a blue ray dvd player.....he got that and much more. Jon did some research and figured you could actually buy a play station 3 for as much as you could a simple blue ray - he got a PS3. I was excited for him.....and myself as well. Hopefully he'll be nice enough to share playing time when we're around - haha. Watch - next time Jon or I go to Arlington he's going to a video game whiz and kick all our butts.
Texas de Brazil was great again - ate way to much again - but it was awesome.
Best Buy was great - all 3 times we went this weekend to get stuff for the PS3....I could spend hours in that store and rack up a HUGE bill - but I refrained.
We were sad to leave but glad to get home.

Today - on a more serious note - I found out my grandpa (Papa) had a mild stroke yesterday. He went to the hospital this morning and will spend the night tonight and hopefully get out tomorrow. Everything looks good so far and they're putting together the treatment plan so it doesn't happen again. We're waiting on 1 more set of test results before they're letting him go home. Mom said he's doing good and that he started complaining about the coffee and wanting to go home this morning - so that's a good sign:)
Please keep him, Sugar (grandma), and our family in your prayers!

That's all I have for now - hasta luego

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Jeff and Kim said...

I'm so glad Papa is doing better. My mom has been keeping me updated. We'll continue to keep ya'll in our prayers:) We miss ya'll...hopefully we can catch up soon! Have a good rest of the week