Sunday, September 14, 2008


Wow - i just realized how long it has been since I've posted a new blog. Thank you ALL for being so ALL i mean....the 2 that actually read this blog! haha

Things have been so incredibly busy with life and work....well, mostly life. Over the last 2 months i've been hustling and bustling, just trying to get to see current customers as well as pick up some new business. It's going great and I still love my job. I'm working long hours but I know it will pay off in the long run.

A few stories from my travels:

A few weeks ago I spent the day in San Angelo (well...that's pretty much every week) but this drive home was definitely....interesting to say the least.

I'm jammin in the "Short Bus" (that's my BRIGHT yellow, GMC Astro's nick name), probably listening to talk radio (as usual) when a single cab toyota tacoma passes me. I didn't think anything of it b/c people typically pass me (short bus doesn't have cruise control - so i typically drive 75 mph but will, without realizing, slow down to 65.
So, we're cruising a long when all of a sudden, he gets really, REALLY close to the guard rail in the left lane. He gets back on the highway and off he goes again. So i start watching.....the dude is completely....and utterly HAMMERED out of his mind. It was obvious. He would go from lane to lane, and even from ditch to ditch (no joke.) After about the 3rd time he ran off into the ditch I decided to call the cops. The operator answers the phone, ask where I'm at, and what type of vehicle it was, yada yada...then says, Sir, you're the 5th person that's called about this vehicle. Holy wow!! That's a lot. Unfortunately we just entered Runnels county from Tom Green county so it took them a while to get someone out there.
I counted.....he was in the ditch 10 times and in the median (almost going into oncoming traffic) 9 times.....we lost 2 highway signs that day......and finally 4 police cars come hauling butt down the street....and he pulled over.
It was unbelievable - it was only 2:30 in the afternoon and this guy could have killed some one.
I'm totally surprised he did not flip his truck since he would hit the ditch/median driving about 75mph.
So, that was a fun day and made the trip home go by pretty fast.

What else - not a whole lot. Julie and I, Jeff and Hayley, and Katie and Donnie all went to the rodeo last weekend and had a blast. typically the fair is packed (which it was) which means parking is a pain. So, being the smart guy I am, I parked in the first spot I saw....come to find out, it was the furthest parking spot from the entrance - which would typically be no big deal except the fact that there were about 100 parking spots between where we parked and the entrance....I swear, I need a water break and a nap before we got to the entrance.....then, my bride had the great idea of going out the south entrance b/c it'd be closer....oh no....we walked like 10 miles.......after eating a was not a pretty sight.....haha - we probably walked eleventy billion miles that night - no exaggeration:)

But, we did have a great time....Jeff and the crew left so Julie and I hung out with my co-worker Brent, his wife Tiffany, and their 3 (almost 4 according to her) Mallory the rest of the night. She was a blast - wanted to ride everything, telling her dad she didn't get scared on the roller coaster, and having a ball!!

I toned it down a notch this year as far as food goes for the fair - last year I was miserable - here's my list (and i'm sticking to it)

1) Fajita burrito
2) Cheese fries
3) Funnel Cake
4) Dr Pepper

That's it - I'm not kidding.

On another note, I'm playing softball again this season......which is fun except the fact that we've played 1 game out of 3.....the others have been rained out...which they just tack on to the end of the we might be done with this season in January.....2010 or something like that.
The game we did play, it actually rained about 2 hours earlier......i don't think i've mentioned this but we had a bit of a mesquito problem late August......they were bad....frickin everywhere....and did you know that when you add water and humidity - they get WORSE!!! So we all hosed down with off and what not - but oh didn't help....not at all....those suckers were out of control!!
It was not fun playing in the outfield that night - but hey - on the other hand at least we won our game - oh we didn't!! but, we only lost by 10 - it was a close one:)

Julie and I did go to the ranch a few weekends ago - man...I love that place.....It's so relaxing.
Saturday Mike, Barbara, and I went to Archer to load the feeders with corn which I thoroughly enjoyed. I got the crap bit out of my by a fire ant - and not just any fire ant but the ones that are HUGE!! They look like mini horses - no lie - that sucker hurt - I cried...not really - but it did sting for about an hour.

Then we ate at the Wildcatter in Graham - Julie has pics on her blog - it....was.....AWESOME...great food, great atmosphere, great scenary - I loved it.

That my friends is all for me. I promise, for the "It Is What It Is" faithful, i'll try to do a better job updating you on everything.

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Jeff and Kim said...

It's good to hear from you...I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth haha:) We need to get together again really soon! We missed ya'll yesterday at the Cameron Road anniversary. You wouldn't believe all of the people that were there and they were all asking where ya'll were. Fun times..anyhoo..have a great week! -Kim:)