Thursday, July 31, 2008

i'm pooped

It has been a long....long week....but it has been very good.
There's a lot of good stuff happening right now with work...which makes me happy.

We've had a lot of work done around our house as well. Since our last electric bill was OUT FRAPPIN RAGEOUS - we decided it was time to get some A/C and attic work done.
We met with the guy on Monday (which, come to find out is married to a good friend of mine from college - it's a small world....especially in the Abilene bubble) He said it might take a little while for his guy to start working on it....crazy enough they were here the next day and got all the work done. They added a "fan deal" in the attic as well as about 10 vents in the siding of our house to help cool down the attic. He also added some other vent deal to the front of our house that we did not even notice - it blended in so well.
Yesterday they came and blew in better insulation in the attic since the crap we have up there right now is just that....crap.

Saturday they're coming out to finish the project....Peep this, apparently there's an air filter in the unit up in the attic as well. Well.....someone.....we have no idea who or when....took the filter out and left the filter cap completely off - which means that the unit was pulling in dust, dirt, HOT AIR, and who knows what else from the attic into the ac unit - with no way to filter it all out....which means that our coils are probably all jacked up (that's the technical term.)
So that's what they're doing saturday - cleaning that coil as well as leveling out the compressor outside (which looks like it's about to fall off the containment)

So, we started Monday, and in 5 days, we'll have a much cooler, more energy efficient house. Isn't that special.

Any who. Apparently I caused a lot of chaos when I left California Friday. They couldn't handle seeing me leave so they tried to bury the state in the ocean with the earthquake. That was the craziest thing ever.....If i would have been there just 4 days later, i'd experienced the whole thing since Santa Ana is only about 30 miles from LA. That's whack - makes me count my blessings though.

Tomorrow is my cousin's quads 1 year bday - I cannot believe it! They're so big and time has gone by so fast. Seems like yesterday Julie and I were visiting them in the NICU.....I wish we could go to the party but we'll be celebrating one of Julie's friends weddings......yippee skippy....another one bites the dust

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