Saturday, September 27, 2008

all by myself

So, Julie is out of town for a while.....She left early this morning to go to OK to spend time with her grandma, aunts, and madre celebrating her grandma's bday. She's excited......Tuesday she heads to Wichita Falls for work and finally she is back home Thursday, we'll be spending lots of time apart - since I was in San Antonio Monday - Thursday last week.
I already miss her which is crazy:)

Last week - I was in San Antonio for training which was fun.
I had a busy day on Monday getting geared up to head out of town for 3 days, so I had a lot of last minute stuff I had to finalize for work. The plan was to leave around 4 that afternoon to head for old SA......did that work out? Not so much.
I got a call to head out to Nolan to a wind farm, they had a bunch of stuff to get rid of and needed someone there that day. So, I headed that way thinking I'd be out there for about an hour - my bad.....I was out there for 3 1/2 hours - It was a great meeting though and well worth my time but it delayed my trip to SA by almost 4 hours. I finally got on the road around 8pm.....putting me in SA at midnight - it was a long.....LONG drive. I dang near lost my voice because I was singing so loud to stay awake. I'm not kidding......I stopped more than I ever have on that drive (once in Brady, then in Mason, then again in Fredericksburg) because I was so tired.

but, I made about 4 hours of sleep, got up and sat on my butt for 9 hours for training.

I hung out with my parents and got to eat some great food at Pappadeux Tuesday night - I love that place. Julie doesn't really like seafood so I jumped all over the opportunity to stuff myself - almost to the point that I was sick - full of fish....Man....Abilene needs a Pappadeux!

Wednesday night I went with the group to eat at Iron Cactus on the riverwalk......we were trying to eat and get out of there so we could all go back and study for our presentations the next day - that didn't so much happen. We sat down about 10 minutes after a 40 person table sat - we were there for about 2 1/2 hours. Management felt bad so they said they'd give us a 30% discount - which he later corrected and said he'd give us $30 off. My food was good - had fish tacos but it wasn't worth waiting that long....and we didn't even have dessert.

But, Thursday was a beating. There were 9 of us in the class and each one had to get up in from of the class and pretty much do a full blown sales presentation with the teacher as the customer. I was glad when it was over.....We all did good but it was brutal. We didn't get down until about 2.....and then it was FINALLY time for lunch......I eat WAY too much and too often to wait that long to eat.
So we went to Alamo cafe before everyone went their different directions.

My day went from good to bad pretty quick. My mom sent me a text message and said Mamaw wasn't doing very good and was back in the hospital. She was having a hard time breathing (she has emphysema) and once she got out of the hospital she'd have to live in an assisted living home.
Then, I went to get some coffee with a few high school friends, and my good friend I've known for about 10 years told me she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was heart broken.

So, I finally got out of SA about 4 pm and back to abilene around 8ish.

Now....I'm here....hanging out with the dogs.....which, we had a rough start to our time away from mom....Boomer got in the trash - ate about 5 tortillas, some salsa, and who knows what else....has had bad gas ALL day long (I swear it smelt so bad I thought he joke)
but, they finally calmed down and are back to their lazy selfs - thank goodness - i didn't want to put a for sale sign on them and let them start walking the streets only hours after Julie left:)

That's about all she wrote....I have 2 HUGE appointments on Tuesday so hopefully those will go well.
Please keep my grandma (Mamaw) and my friend in your prayers. They both definitely need them.

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Maggie said...

You've got my prayers, Jas!

I'll see you in a few weeks!!!!!