Thursday, October 9, 2008

nada mucho

Actually, that title is a lie - Julie and I have a bunch of stuff going on.

So a few months ago I hurt my wrist. I have no idea what I did or how I did it but it still hurts. Now I feel like a wimp b/c I can't pick anything up with my left hand.....I have a brace that I refuse to wear because it's not comfortable....I have heat hand deals but they make me look too cool for school. It's really annoying - I need to go to the doctor according to my wife, mom, dad, and everyone else and their dogs but I hate doctors. So, i'll just complain about it instead.
Haha, my way of thinking is I'll test it this weekend - we're going to the ranch and if I can't shoot a shotgun or a rifle without it hurting, i'll go to the doctor....if it doesn't hurt, i'll survive.

This last weekend my parents were in town which is always fun. We did what we always non stop....Roadhouse, catfish fry at the convention center, chilis, jeff's house, and lytle land and cattle...that's where we were all weekend.
It was great seeing them even though my dad was sick - he's had a lot of problems over the last few months and the doctor's don't really know what's causing his pain. He's had mulitple test run with one final colonoscopy left - hopefully that'll help find the root of the problem - keep him in your prayers.

We won our game Monday night - it was a great game - 16-14 making us 1-5 on the season.....I can smell the championship - the way, when your wrist hurts.....don't play softball cause it hurts more.....but, if your wrist hurts and you do play softball, wear a heated hand doesn't help, just makes you look tough or cool.

Last week was absolute insanity. It was our period end which means we do nothing but pump in revenue, work long hours, and hope like heck we hit our numbers. Which, we hit our numbers, pumped revenue, and worked long hours.....We all dread week 4 - but it's all fun and games i guess. I did get a new boss this week which will be fun. They're doing some restructuring and my original boss was promoted......lots of changes going on with lots of opportunity to advance.

Here's the list of what else has been going on:

-Julie's working out
-I'm working on my gut
-Dogs bark a lot and I yell at them
-Julie loves target
-I love the PS3 (Brothers In Arms is an awesome game - I'm addicted)
-Julie dyed her hair and it's looks beautiful
-last week was so long I seriously thought Thursday was Friday......even took the trash out a day early because of it
-I love football
-UT won
-Cowboys won (they looked awful)
-Dogs slept
-I like napping
-I fell asleep on the couch twice this week and woke up the next day (the love seat and i are very close - until I wait up in the morning and can't feel my body)

That's the story of our life for the last few weeks - ain't it grand?!?!?! I'm exhausted just looking at what we've been up too - welp...adios -


Jill said...

Wow, you are crazy as ever! First of all, keep me posted on your sweet dad and I will be praying for him! Looks like you and Julie are doing good and enjoying life in Abilene, I'm glad! I had wondered if you had a blog, I'm glad to finally be able to spy on you! Yes, I am married (which you already knew that), knocked up, and living far away. We are having a boy and I'm due in 3 weeks. Can't wait!!!! I was looking at Suzanne's blog the other day, and it certainly looks like your parents would love to have some grandbabies....maybe you should get a move on!

Maggie said...

I short-bussed and deleted my comment I intended to write... thus making this one alot less hilarious.

I'll keep it simple.

You get 3 notches for determining your need for medical attention by whether or not you can shoot a gun. Scratch that. You get 5 notches. Don't make me come down there and MAKE you go to the doctor.

I hope your wrist feels better, Jas.

I'll see you in two weeks, EXACTLY.