Wednesday, July 23, 2008

California and what not

I know, it's been a frappin' long time since I've posted anything.....I're very sad because you don't know what's going on in my life....I know....i stink at posting......dah well.

It's been a crazy hectic few weeks. Feels like I've been here, there, and every where.

Right now I'm in Santa Ana, California!! The weather here is awesome. Low to mid 80's during the day and low 60's at night. I got here late Monday night and leave Friday morning around 9:30 Pacific.

Here's the link to where I'm staying at:

My wife is super jealous - she loves the Hilton hotels. It's a pretty swank place. I'm on the 6th floor, have a balcony, 2 queen beds, etc.
The first night was a little rough. I get here and pretty much every hotel you stay at...especially when your company is paying for it....require you to put down a credit card - hold out about 75-150 bucks on that card - just for incidentals (ie, buying movies, long distance phone calls, or you burn down the place) No big deal - I kind of expected it. Well - all i carry is a debit card, which means it actually comes out of your account until you check out.
So, the dude checking me in, says we need a card for a $75.00 incidental fee. No problem - here's my debit card......then preceeds to say - what happened....called a manager over to take a look....and said it's no big deal.....he then says, my mistake, I acidentally charged your ENTIRE stay to your debit card....So instead of $75 it was....wait for it....wait for it....$625 bucks.....out of my account.......wowza......I said that was not ok - I'm not rich....I don't have 600 plus bucks just chillin' in my account for YOUR mistake. The manager comes back over and says...well, we can't do anything about it tonight because our accounts payable department is gone for the day - we had negative bucks in our account.....good thing i had a little cash or i wouldn't be able to do anything.......Luckily - they got it taken care of the next day - still very frustrating.

I'm in training, actually learning about the products we sale - which is awesome - that way i actually know what I'm selling and how to talk to customers about it. It's pretty good stuff!!

I think tomorrow after class a group of us are going to chill at the beach - that'll be fun.....I didn't bring any t-shirts (IDIOT), so I'll be "That guy" possibly going to the beach in swim shorts and a collared shirt - that's hot.

Work has been extremely busy which is good - because busy = money in the life of a sales rep. I'm learning a lot and trying to continue my training all the while selling. It's a jugling task but when you're dealing with complicated stuff like hazardous waste - you have to know what you're doing.

I can't wait to get home....I miss my wife...and dogs....but it has been a nice break from the stresses of my job. I just wish Julie was here with me....She'd love it.

Each morning I get up around 6:00 am - go out to the balcony to drink my cup of coffee in shorts and an undershirt (since I'm an idiot and didn't bring t-shirts) and actually get a little's pretty cooliolio.

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