Thursday, June 19, 2008

turn it down a notch

What a whirlwind it has been lately. So many things going on so we'll start from where I left off.....LAST WEEK:

I was in town all week, basically getting on the trucks and helping out around the office.
Thursday was an absolute BEATING!!! We had a huge project we had to do which took up nearly all day. There were 83 55 gallon drums full of some sort of adhesive and some full of paint waste. We did not know what was in each drum so we had to physically open them all up to try to determine which truck they should be loaded on. They had to be separate from each other not only to keep them organized but to make sure they did not have anything in them that could possibly react with one another (that would be bad....could cause an explosion - built up pressure - etc.)
So, there were 5 of us out there man-handling these drums.....yeah, it was about 98 shade......and absolutely NO breeze. Needless to say we took A LOT of water breaks.....went to the hose to water ourselves down just for it to dry in about 5 minutes, and slowly but surely, got them all done around 4:00pm - none of us had eaten all day so we were starving....hit up denny's, had a crazy waitress (seriously - what's up with me and crazy waitresses....i get them all too often) She had a BIG fake flower in her hair, said all 5 of us had blue eyes when there were a few guys with brown, said I had a nice butt (no joke)......even though I have no butt.....etc.
I pounded 2 pancakes, sausage/cheese scramled eggs, hasbrowns, and a few pieces of bacon in a matter of minutes....well - that wasn't a good idea considering the fact that I worked my rear off all day, was dehydrated, and still burning up - my stomach hurt like whoa - had to pull over a few times to throw some of it up....but finally, around 8:30 we showed back up to the office - by the time I left it was a 14 hour day of nothing but manual labor - shoot me.

We didn't really do a lot - it was AWESOME!! Ran a few errands with Julie Saturday....cooked burgers that night....and slept a body was still hurting pretty good....Saturday I slept util about 11 - NICE!!! I'm lazy.

I got to go to San Antonio for meetings. Monday night I stayed with my parents and really enjoyed hanging out. My mom cooked a great meal (enough to feed a small army)......pork chops, cajun cornbread, vegetable casserole, potato casserole, and one of my favorite creme pies for dessert!
After stuffing our faces for a while I helped my mom figure out her Ipod - which i think is a every time I'm down there thing -
then we just hung out on the porch and talked for a while. I got to sleep in my old bed which was nice - they bought it from us a while back - you can get lost in it - so soft!

Woke up the next morning at 5:00 am - yes that's at the butt crack of BEFORE dawn to drive into San Antonio to be at the branch by 7:00 am. Meetings started that afternoon which was fun. Tuesday night we all went of the vendors that presented took 14 of us to some place called Acenar on the riverwalk.....I ate too much again and stayed up way too late hanging out with everyone.
Wednesday we had a little training session then got out in the field to do a "blitz" on our new product. It was the first time I have tried selling anything in about 7 weeks so I was excited. I have the itch again to get out in the field......we had a good day - sold 1 unit and got a few lined up for next week.
I was supposed to come that night but my boss wanted me to ride with a rep to Austin for an appointment that was going to be a great learning opportunity. So, I shacked up with our friends the Scanio's for the night......ate pizza and watched a movie and actually went to bed early.

Well, Thursday all heck broke lose....we had some issues we had to take care of and ended up going back to the place we were at on Tuesday to do a full blown facility tour....which we already did it was a bummer not to get to go to Austin but what can you do.

I got back around 7 tonight - I'm pooped....all i wanted to do is play PS3 but it has to download new software which takes WAY too frappin' long - it's going on 45 minutes.....still not done b/c I keep getting disconnected from the Internet - so frustrating.

Now it's's bad I can't hear the old man snoring.

On that note, I'm going to bed......I know, this is another all over the place...probably didn't make much sense blog - but - that's what I'm good at when I'm exhausted.

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