Friday, December 21, 2007

and he's back

So, it's been a while ey?!
I guess that's typical nowadays!
I just got back from Houston today. Left last Sunday for a week long training session. Man, the training was great but so intense. Learning the the system Cintas has in place to sell. Basically, it was a lot of listening, a lot of participation, followed by a lot of role plays/presentations.
I tell you what - I'm not one to be shy, but when you're presenting in a room with 10 people, going over stuff you've barely seen, it's pretty intimidating. But, we all managed to do a great (I actually won a starbucks gift card - neat) job and i really enjoyed getting to meet some different reps - one of which graduated from ACU and was friends with H-bomb (sister in law)
I gained about 7 lbs - literally!
Here's the list of what we ate:
Sunday dinner - Texas Roadhouse
Monday Lunch - amazing bbq
Monday Dinner - Pappacitos
Tuesday Lunch - fajitas
Tuesday Dinner - Pappadeux (i love that place)
Wednesday Lunch - Jason's Deli
Wednesday Dinner - Johnny Carino's
Thursday Lunch - Pizza
Thursday Dinner - Pappadeux - no joke - twice in 1 week

Seriously can't believe I haven't died of a heart attach yet. It was absolutely amazing food every day - and that was really all we did was eat!

Well, tomorrow Julie and I are heading back to Houston - yes, I just got back from there - to go visit my extended family. Sunday we'll be back in San Antonio for family Christmas, Monday we'll head to Uvalde, and Tuesday we'll be back in Abilene. I absolutely love this time of year but I cannot wait to get back to a normal routine.

New Years resolution
-Eat better
-excersize (haha - yeah - we'll see how long that last)

welp - I'm out. waking up in 6 hours to drive 6 hours.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and be safe:)

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