Monday, July 13, 2009

fitting t-shirt

Yesterday Julie and I were at united getting some groceries (which is my favorite past time) and I saw a dad with his what looked to be 9ish daughter (i'm awful at guessing ages). He had a great t-shirt on.
It said:
Dad's Against Daughters Dating.
Come to find out they actually have a website...with members and stuff. that's awesome.....i should be the president!!
My daughter isn't born yet and I already want that shirt. Of course, it will be hard for her to find someone to date since she will not be leaving the house! Oh yeah - I said it.

Other than finding this awesome things have been pretty good around the webb house hold. Minus the fact that Julie is 8 months prego and it's been roughly 100+ degrees every day for the last week or so. I truly do feel bad for her.
This weekend was busy - I decided to plant 2 flower beds in the back yard Saturday. So, I was in the sun from 9:30 until about 4 (mowing, planting, raking, watering, sweating) Then I decided to go fishing with my buddy....with no shade....until about 8 pm. I had enough, i was so exhausted and started feeling crazy bad - I called Julie to come pick me up - that's how bad i felt.
Sunday was more of the same - back in the yard planting again and finishing everything up. They flower beds look good and as soon as I can confirm the crape myrtles will survive I will post some pictures.

Today was my 4th of 5 unpaid days off and it....was...awesome....I left the house twice today. Once for 30 minutes to get some paperwork for work filled out. and the second time to with Julie to the hospital to get her pre-registration forms filled out (so we can go straight to L&D when Reagan's ready to say Hi.
That was was awesome...
Now I have to join reality and go to work tomorrow. So, I must get some sleep.


Suzanne said...

soooooooooo excited for you guys! and LOVE the shirt---joe feels the exact same way about sav. in fact, right after we found out we were only having one girl, he said: 1) thank God only one wedding; and 2) she's never going to date! ;)

love you. can't wait to meet reagan! xoxo

Subhash said...
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