Thursday, July 16, 2009

blah blah blah

That's how I feel about this week.
Monday i was home most of the day - it was another unpaid day off (man, I don't like not getting paid, but I can honestly say that these days are awesome...It forces me to take time off)
Tuesday: I was in Merkel, Nolan, Sweetwater, Roscoe, and Snyder - got home at 7:15
Wednesday: I was back in Merkel, Nolan, Sweetwater, Roscoe and Snyder - got home at 7:15
Thursday: San Angelo - got home at 6:15
Friday: I'll be back in Merkel, Nolan, sweetwater, Roscoe, and Snyder - hopefully be home by 5:00 (key word...hopefully)

It has been a long...long week. But, luckily it's Friday and I have 2 days off to relax.

Julie is now 36 weeks pregnant with 28 days until the due date. I cannot believe that. In fact, next Friday (the 24th) Reagan will be considered full term. How unbelievable is that? Time has gone by so fast. It fun to sit on the couch and watch Julie's stomach turn into a wave pool when you touch her stomach. Reagan doesn't really like being poked or touched. She starts kicking (I think we're going to have our hands full) Julie did find out from her Dr's appt that the babies head is down which is great. We also found out what body part was causing the lump by Julie's belly's been there for weeks and it was driving us crazy not knowing.......can you guess what it is? Yup - it's her butt! Baby's not even born yet and she's already perfecting the art of "mooning." She must get that from the Walker side:) haha....I would never!! ha

I wanted to give a shout out to my wife. She's been a rock through out the pregnancy and I truly am amazed by her. I know she's miserable. I know she's uncomfortable. i know she's hot (it's been ridiculously hot here) I know she's exhausted (getting up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom is just awful) Her feet are swollen and her back is aching but, she is hanging in there with little complaints. So, thank you Julie. You are an unbelievable woman. I love you and I cannot wait to start this amazing journey with you.

The crape myrtles are looking good....i think they're going to make it....knock on for the flowers in the front yard....not so much.....they look awful but oh well.
What else? What else? That's pretty much it.


Maggie said...

I know dang well your DNA imprinted the baby with the mooning gene. I've met you.

I'm so excited! Just a little ways away!!!

Make sure you're feeding that woman as much watermelon as she can physically handle. The cooler the better!

Love you both!

Subhash said...
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