Sunday, June 28, 2009

We are blessed

This past weekend Julie and I (and Reagan) were in Arlington for the 2nd baby shower.
We had a great time and really are truly blessed with amazing friends and family.

The gifts were amazing and we thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.
So much time and effort went into putting this shower together and it was great.
One thing is for sure, Baby Reagan will truly be loved.

Other happenings this weekend.
1) I got to hang out with Jeff Francis - a long time friend. We went to Cabela's and had a great time. Neither of us bought anything but it was awesome looking at the fun stuff they have. They had several 100K+ dollar boats that you literally could live in......bottom "floor" was a cabin with bed, couch, full kitchen, etc - it was so cool.
2) Went to Dave and Busters with my brother in law Jon and his buddy Austin. I love that place. We played some of the fun shooting games early - then found ourselves fascinated with Colorama - pick a color that you think the ball will land on - if it does you get so many tickets. Well - after about an hour we racked up 4889 tickets and were king of D&B - so we hiked over to the toy store and went crazy. They got some ipod speakers (set of basketballand set of football) and I....being the amazing dad I am.....bought Reagan a big stuffed hippo - it was cute. Barbara dressed it up with a boa (spelling? it's pink and fluffy) and a tiara.
3) TEXAS DE BRAZIL - loosen your pants and get comfortable because this is a place you'll be for a while. Once again I ate WAY too much and loved every minute of it. They walk around with steaks, chickens, ribs, lamb, etc and ask if you want any - if you say yes they cut you a's like the ultimate buffet....a) you don't have to get up b) it has anything and everything you would want to choose from. Dessert was awesome fact I had most of my turtle cheesecake and most of Julie's Key Lime Pie (I'm a fatty)
4) Academy and Babies R Us rounded out the weekend. Gots some stuff at both and decided it was time to head home

This weekend went by way too fast but truly was one to remember. Thanks again for everything. We truly are a blessed growing family.

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mary beth said...

just FYI...i work for the company that publishes "cabela's outfitter journal" along with some other hunting and fishing magazines. let me know if you'd like for me to sign you up for some free subscriptions! (you can see all titles here:
- mary beth