Sunday, November 23, 2008

wicked awesome

things around here have been crazy!!!
Work has been absolutely great - a lot of great opportunities finally starting to hit!
This past weekend we went to Arlington to celebrate Barbara's, Jon's, and Julie's bdays - yes....all 3 in November (my mom's in november 30th) - we had a great time.
Saturday Mike, Jon, and I went to the gun range to shoot some pistols -
-Jason - 9mm
-Jon - 45
-Mike 380
We had a great time - it's been too long since I've shot a gun!
We then went to Chessecake Factory - that place rocks.
Saturday afternoon went as follows.....
I'm not kidding, I really took about 4 naps Saturday - it was amazing - I got caught up on some much needed sleep since last week was crazy at work.
Sunday was another great day - we went to church then high-tailed it over to Irving for the Cowboy's/49ers game. The entire family went which was awesome. Before the game we had lunch at the stadium in the Stadium grill which - i ate too much. It was a buffet and the food was great. I ate:
1) Bacon
2) breakfast casserole
3) omlette
4) shrimp
5) chicken stuffed with pear
6) potatos
7) dessert
We then went out at half time to our seats and watched Dallas whoop up on San Fransisco - it was great.
Then we had to get on the road and head back to Abilene!!
What else has been going on? Here's a run down.
Julie's bday was Tuesday - we went to Olive Garden with Jeff and Hayley
Tuesday I was in San Angelo - on the truck - I needed a break from sales so I helped out my co-worker getting his stops done
Wednesday I was in Abilene
Thursday I was in Abilene
Friday I was back in San Angelo to wrap up and start a few jobs.
It's very....very rare that I have a Christmas list but this's rather it is.
Laser sight for my 9mm

Ariat Rambler boots

AK 47

Remington Tactical Shotgun

Hunting Bow

Why does it seem like the older you get the more expensive your toys are? I also want a bunch of stuff for my's that list:

  1. Rhino Liner
  2. 10" sub
  3. CD/DVD/Navigation Deck
  4. front and rear speakers
  5. remote start (I have this, just have been too lazy to get it put on - plus i can't find anyone to do it)
  6. grill guard

That's all she wrote!!!!!


Maggie said...

You really do get about 3 MILLION notches for what you just posted as a Christmas list. All I saw was, "You'll shoot your eye out."


Jeff and Kim said...

Hook'em!!! No. 2 yeah!!! Ya'll will have so much fun at the game!!! Call me sometime and I'll tell you what game Jeff and I are going to:)

Jill said...

All I have to say in response to your Christmas list....BRAT!