Wednesday, August 5, 2009

nothing new

Things in the Webb household are pretty much on hold as of now.
We haven't traveled since the baby shower in Arlington which was the last weekend in June......Julie's getting bored and I'm getting bored just hanging out at the house.
But, it has been nice and relaxing to say the least. With as much as I travel for work it is nice to just sit and do nothing.
We're knocking down the days - 8 days from Thursday (8/6) until the due date which is crazy.
There has been a lot of talk about the baby being born tonight or tomorrow due to the full moon.
Apparently there are a lot of babies born on full moon's - since Reagain has been "mooning" us for the last few weeks (her butt straight up) it'd be fitting for "madam moons a lot" to be born on a full moon.
I'm ready.....Everyone who knows Julie knows she way past ready....the grandparents are ready.......but she'll get here when it's time.
Julie had a good dr appointment Monday and the doctor was very pleased with the progression of the pregnancy so that's good. She said a lot of words that I didn't understand but Julie told me while walking out that it was a great check up - wooohoooo.

Julie took the dogs today to get groomed (champ had a fro) to get ready for the big day...unfortunately Champ's haircut didn't turn out so hot.....he went from fro to 80s still flat top.......with poofy ears.....^___^ - that's what it looks's pretty funny....but ugly....but still funny - he's our special boy!!!

I'll keep everyone posted on the baby and hopefully if we have some time to kill once in the hospital I'll update the blog on how everything went.

Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers. We truly do appreciate them.


Kimberly said...

Hoping that Miss Reagan makes her appearance soon so we can see her this weekend:)!!!! Come on Reagan!!!!

Jill said...

I can't wait to hear more. Your family is in my prayers. Some very exciting, life-changing moments are just around the corner and I'm so excited for yall.

Subhash said...
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