Sunday, March 2, 2008


So - once again it's been a while since I've posted. I know you guys are extremely disappointed in the fact that you have no idea what's going on in my ever so exciting here's the run down.

Work has been crazy busy - lots of traveling but business is getting better. Friday wrapped up our 3rd quarter which means that quotas are either hit or missed. Luckily, this is the first full quarter for me to be in the field and I hit my quota - which is awesome. Quarter 4 is setting up to be an amazing quarter sales wise. I'm finally getting my pipeline full and looking forward to making some extra cash:)
I still get a little stressed at work for the mere fact that I'm counted on to produce each and every week. Luckily for me - There have only been 2 weeks that I haven't sold anything - The week I was in Houston for training and Christmas week - but I'm still stressed at the fact that I'm not selling as much as I'd like. but - it is what it is and we're rockin' and rollin' now.

Gas is eating my lunch - I need a small car that gets like eleventy billion miles to the gallon - current prices in Abilene average about 3.09/gallon - when you drive a 4x4 truck - it's not so much fun filling up - especially with as much as I drive

We have cows - last weekend Julie and I surprised the in laws and grandparents at the ranch for the afternoon. 3 cows got into their property so Mike, Jim, and I had to shew them away. Well - I was like a little kid and tormenting them with the 4 wheeler after they were out on the road - but ya know - they weren't near as scared of me as I thought - I'd drive up close to them and hit the brakes....they looked at me like "Who is this guy." Needless to say I had fun.

Last week I spent a day in Dublin - home of the Dublin Dr. Pepper....It's extremely bad for you but it's so good - I ended up drinking about 80 oz of this Dr. Pepper that's made with Imperial Sugar - guess I should give my brother a call and get him to fix my cavities - haha

This weeks agenda
Monday - in the office
Tuesday - in Menard
Wednesday - office for training and phone blocking
Thursday - In Brownwood or Stephenville
Friday - In Eastland

What a great week it'll be on the road.

I'm playing softball for the church league which starts up at the end of the month - it should be entertaining considering the fact that I haven't come close to batting in about 4 years.

I turn 26 on the 17th - holy wow I'm gettng old
I'm getting balder and rounder

Our 1 year anniversary is on the 31st - Time has flown by. We're so excited though b/c we're spending the weekend in Fredericksburg to celebrate. Nice hotel and great food makes for a great weekend. Julie and I have truly been blessed this year with the love and support of an amazing family and great friends. With out everyone's thoughts and prayers we definitely would not be where we're at.
We're so fortunate to be back in a city where faith is everywhere and we've found a great church home to be apart of.
I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for our future.

Dang it - it's hailing here - AGAIN - second time poor truck

Any way - That's all I have for now.


Caleb & Audria said...

Well... you can't play church softball unless you are old, bald, and round! :)

... thats why I have been playing the last few years!!!

Jeff and Kim said... know you remember when your parents gave me the new kids on the block tape for my birthday and then Jeff bought it back from me haha:) I wonder if he still has it??? Sounds like things are going good:) We miss ya'll!