Sunday, February 10, 2008

new addition to Jeff and Hayley's family

So....Jeff and Hayley picked up their 8 week old vizsla's yesterday. They're so cute. Jeff might beg to differ since they kept him up basically all night last night...but they're really cute. Here's the pics from the breeder - they're much cuter than they look in the pics

This is Abbey

This is Patton

Abbey is calm and sweet and Patton is crazy as all get out. We helped them out a little today which is fun for us....we love puppies.....NO - WE'RE NOT GETTING ANOTHER ONE NO MATTER WHAT JULIE SAYS - HAHAH:)
I'm tired now - sleep well everyone


Jeff and Kim said...

Hey Jason!
I'm glad you're feeling better:) Jeff and Hayley's puppies are so cute!! You mom sent some other pics a few weeks ago:) I bet they have been really's pretty much like having 2 babies I'm sure. Take care and come and see us when you can.

Caleb & Audria said...

So cute!